How to Perform Shoulder Shrugs

How to Perform Shoulder Shrugs


Exercise Info:

Body Benefits


Secondary Muscle Group


Equipment Required

Barbell or Dumbbells Weight Rack for Holding



Experience Level




Exercise Instructions:

  1. Place the barbell on a rack that is just above knee level.
  2. Bend at your hips and grasp the bar shoulder width apart.
  3. Stand straight up and proceed to look down.
  4. Shrug the barbell up and hold for a quick second.
  5. With dumbbells the only difference is you will have them to your sides.

Performance Tips

  1. Keep your body straight and do not lean.
  2. Keep your arms straight as possible.
  3. Hold each repetition for a second for better results.
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I am person that very much believes in staying in shape.  It is very important for me to feel and look good inside and out.    I have been working out consistently for over 23 years.  I believe physical fitness is a journey that starts with what you eat, then exercising.  Staying consistent on what you eat and working out are the corner stones of keeping your body in good shape.

I created because I wanted to share how I have been able to stay in shape for 23 years by first and foremost eating a nutritious diet and second working out. Working out includes, Muscle building and Cardio exercises.   You look your best when you combine the two.  One without the other leaves a deficiency.

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